Tying A Sand Eel - Sea Trout Tube Fly
A solid Sea Trout pattern for on the river, estuary or by the coast. This pattern is similar to a Sunray but designed to look like a Sand Eel with plenty of flash.Fly video and music by Jay Bartlett - WATCH...
Atlantic Springers

Our aim is the early Atlantic springers that enter our small rivers of south Sweden and Denmark. You know for a fact you have all odds against you, it’s like looking for a friggin’ needle in a haystack wait, it’s even worse...


The Playbook
Wikipedia defines “playbook” by referring to American football: In American football a play is a close to the ground "plan of action" or "strategy" used to move the ball down the field. A play begins at either the snap from the center or at kickoff. Most commonly plays occur at the snap during a down. These plays range from basic to very intricate. Football players keep a record of these plays in their playbook. Basically it’s a game plan preparing you for different scenarios. In salmon fishing the playbook consists of three elements: 1) overall fishing strategy; 2) fly choices and fishing techniques; and 3) reading the salmon’s reactions and learning from the opponent.
A ”fishy” tubefly
I felt immediately when I saw the fly that it looked very "fishy", and it has proved to be all-rounder, both for salmon and trout, just as I hoped. Sometimes I tie it with shrimp eyes and a zonker strip as a wing, and then the fly becomes a variant of the Danish Munkerfly or my flyfishing friend Micke Lindström's cruel catching muddler zonkers.
How to tie and fish the Sunray Shadow
Sunray Shadow is without a doubt one of the best salmon fly patterns. It's simple to tie and relatively easy to fish with it. Sunray has hundreds of different variations and you can use almost any fishing technique with it.
Black & Yellow squirrel
This fly has become one of my absolute favorites. It has the ability to catch fish even when conditions are not the best. I use them for the most part in smaller sizes from 3 to 6 cm. Especially when the river's water is low and the fishes are a bit more careful.
Current state and the future of Atlantic Salmon
Global warming and governmental policies are issues that might seem overwhelming, but taking one right step at a time we can make a difference together.
UV resins in Salmon Flies
It's been our mission from the start to bring new ideas and fly patterns to fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon. From the "Top Salmon Flies" book, a fly called the Kursk got the most attention. Unconventional pattern mixing evolution with traditions.  Now we're super excited avout UV resins.
Fall run - the season ending

The fall time offers magical times for salmon anglers up north. The surrounding colors of the nature are starting to get the shades of orange and red and the nights are getting cold. There's the special feeling also. Every angler casting on the last days of the season knows that it will take almost a year when they can do it again. 

The Viking Champion
Almost like a Garry. I tried it in some of our local rivers in search for sea run browns. The fly caught me some good-sized trout, so I wanted to tie a similar fly for the dark hours as well. At first, I tied the fly very slim, but after a few tries I tied the wings wider in the front to get a bigger silhouette. I also added a wide but flat muddler head to it, and the Viking Champion was born.
How to tackle the low water situation?
It seems that we’re having a indian summer in the Northern parts of Europe where waters are running extremely low on most rivers and fishing is really difficult. We put together few suggestions for your late season trips. It’s going the be finding the right location and then playing with the right playbook.
Tactics for chasing Scottish summer silver
The Atlantic Salmon fishing opportunities in Scotland are truly endless. There are no shortage of prolific salmon rivers for the visiting angler to choose from. As the rivers in Scotland vary so much in size and character there truly is a salmon river to suit all tastes. 
UV-colors in salmon flies
Salmon has a fairly good eye sight. They see better different shades of green and blue when they enter the river and later on start seeing shades of orange. This is just due to the fact of their adaptation to their living environment. The blue-greenish shade of oceans apapts their eye sights into that environment. 
The cure for hangover
At the end of the season, the fly tying gear, rods, reels and flies as well will get stuck into the closet. There they will have to wait for the right moment, inspiration and spare time to get the attention they deserve.
Dry flies for salmon
Fishing with dry flies is one the coolest ways to fish for Atlantic Salmon. The fishing itself is relatively simple, just cover holding water of the salmon or try and locate one fish and get her to react to the fly.
Magic hour - Northern Grand Slam
Every fly has a story. This fly has one of the interesting stories I've ever had the fortune to experience.
Micro tubes
Micro tubes can be highly effective flies for salmon in many conditions. They are easy to tie and adding some weight such as micro cone adds the possibilities how one can fish with them.
Preparing for the next season – dyeing and tying
It is time to fill up all the tying materials after the quiet early winter time. During this season I start to fill empty material stocks and buy missing materials everywhere - from local dealers, web shops and from other flytyers.
Secret sauce in salmon fishing
Secret sauce in salmon fishing I love pizza. There isn’t a number of slices that’s never enough. If I had to choose one thing that I would eat the rest of my life, it would definitely be pizza. This one...
Late season salmon tactics
Late season salmon tactics Most of back at the office but some lucky ones are still in ”out of office” mode and chasing silver somewhere. Here’s few advice and tricks for late season fishing. Fresh fish or resident fish Majority...
Leaders in salmon fishing
Leaders in salmon fishing Most anglers are super critical about leaders when they are trout fishing but don’t want to go the extra mile when salmon fishing. Are leaders important and what kind of leader set-up you should have in...