Contributor interview – Antti Guttorm

Contributor interview – Antti Guttorm

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We made difficult set of quick pick questions for everyone contributing for the book. Antti Guttorm is versatile angler, atlantic salmon being for sure one his favourite fish to target. Antti also works as a product manager for Vision Fly Fishing.

Quality or quantity?

Really tough question, there isn’t a simple answer for this. I think it depends on the situation. One +15kg fish in a week is more fun than 20 grilse.
Floating or sinking?

Floating. Period.

Single or double hand?

This is difficult one. If I had to choose, really had to, then I would go with a single-hander because you can do dry fly fishing with it.

Hook or Tube?

These questions just get harder. I would have to say tube, because you can practically tie anything on a tube.

Hit hard or wait and let it turn?

Just wait and let the salmon hook itself.

Antti fishing for big salmon in Norway.