Contributor interview – Peter Ohlsson

Contributor interview – Peter Ohlsson

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We made difficult set of quick pick questions for everyone contributing for the book. Peter Ohlsson lives in Northern Sweden and hunts for the early season Baltic Monsters.

Quality or quantity?

Defo quality. The persuit for the 40 pounder is on!
Floating or sinking?

I don’t even own a floating line anymore! Down down, deeper and down!

Single or double hand?

Single hand is more fun but I have to adapt to the circumstances I’m afraid.

Hook or Tube?

I enjoy tying on hooks but when fishing deep down as I prefer to do you will have a lot of contact with stones and rocks on the bottom and with a tube fly you can replace the hook.

Hit hard or wait and let it turn?

Just relax and let the salmon do the job. If you keep calm the salmon will be calm as well.