Secret sauce in salmon fishing

Secret sauce in salmon fishing

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Secret sauce in salmon fishing

salmon fishing secrets

I love pizza. There isn’t a number of slices that’s never enough. If I had to choose one thing that I would eat the rest of my life, it would definitely be pizza. This one night when I was making fresh pizza for my friends, one them asked for the secret ingredients. I started rambling about how the dough is hand-made with a pinch of salt and the sweetness comes from honey. The sauce is made from fresh tomatoes and cooking it slow and long makes the flavors stand out beautifully. The number of toppings is limited, just quality ingredients like mozzarella and Italian air-dried ham. You serve it with some fresh rucola and olive oil.

What’s the secret sauce in salmon fishing? There’s number of points where the signature style of the angler can make the difference.


Flies do play a major role in catching salmon. I love to look and feel other anglers flies. You can instantly see and feel their personal style in stacking hair. Some tie their flies petite and sparse, others with bulk of fox and flash. But what’s in common is that despite the fuzzy or super sharp look, the deadly patterns always stand out by some reason.

Sometimes the minor adjustments in flies matter more than we can understand. Replacing standard colors with UV-fluorescent which doesn’t actually show without UV-light. Or adding just the tinies amount of extra weight to push the fly couple inches deeper can make the difference. Spicing up the fly patterns is something that the seasoned angler is experienced in doing.

top salmon flies black doctor

The cast

I’ve seen all kinds of casts catch fish. I personally prefer ones that straighten the leader completely and make the fly swim immediately as it hits the water. But I’ve caught salmon with shitty casts that wouldn’t deserve salmon to be caught. I’ve seen really badly failed casts catch salmon. Sometimes it’s the dead drift presentation after a bad cast that triggers the salmon to attack the fly.

Then there’s the casting angle. By some weird sense the top anglers are always able to sense what the casting angle should be. On many occasions it might be just the opposite than rest of anglers at the same pool are doing. Sometimes it’s 180 degrees upstream and pulling the fly directly to the fish.

spey casting


Some guys are just born with mojo. Maybe they’ve borne under lucky starts. I don’t know, but I do know that these guys can catch salmon in any conditions from anywhere. You either have it or don’t. One thing is for sure that you can’t force the mojo. Mojo comes only if you’re not thinking about the mojo.

Others try to manipulate the salmon gods and increase the mojo by offering sacrifices such as single malt whiskey to the gods before the start of fishing. Does it work? I do not know but if I sense some decrease in my mojo next time, I think I’ll have to give it a try.

You know mojo when you see one.

salmon mojo

What’s your recipe and secret sauce in salmon fishing?