Tying A Sand Eel - Sea Trout Tube Fly

Tying A Sand Eel - Sea Trout Tube Fly

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A solid Sea Trout pattern for on the river, estuary or by the coast. This pattern is similar to a Sunray but designed to look like a Sand Eel with plenty of flash.

Fly video and music by Jay Bartlett - WATCH HERE

Tying Kit - Coming Soon!

Fly tying step by step pictures and instructions below.

00:09 1.8mm plastic tube - clear
00:16 3.0mm plastic tube - chartreuse
00:23 GSP Tying thread - 50D / 12.0
00:32 Mach 2 flatbraid - silver
01:41 Bucktail - white and natural
02:18 FF Classic tinsel - holo silver
03:04 Marble fox tail - grey
03:33 Signature angle hair - ice ice ice
04:09 Marble fox tail - light brown
04:40 Peacock herls - natural 05:40 Jungle cock cheeks

FF tube fly vise
FF tube vise needle - medium
FF lightweight scissors
FF multi needle

Step by step

1. Take long piece of clear plastic liner tubing and melt the end slightly then place inside a smaller piece of chartreuse outer tubing, the melted edge will grip the inside of the tube and stay in place.

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 1

2. Wrap your tying thread from the start of the tube back to the junction tubing.

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 2

3. Tie in some silver flat braid plain or holographic and wrap with tight overlapping turns as long as you want the total fly to be.

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 3

4. Tie in some white and natural bucktail fibres

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 4

5. Tie in some krinkle and or classic flash in pearl or silver (holographic if you have it) tie in half way then fold back and tie in again to stop the material slipping.

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 5

6. Tie in some soft grey hair like fox tail, shadow, mable, silver all good, this will be the full length of the wing.

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 6

7. Tie in some silver or pearl angel hair, again half way and folding back tying in a second time to stop the materials slipping, trim to different lengths

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 7

8. Tie in a slim overwing of light brown or burnt orange soft har like fox tail, shadow, mable, silver all good same length as the grey wing.

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 8

9. Tie in 3 - 4 naturual peacock herls following the shape of the wing, the best are from the eye of the feather.

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 9

10. Tie in some natural or substitute jungle cock feathers, this pattern is best with medium feathers and longer stemmed eyes

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 10

11. Finally finish by tidying up the head with your thread and fixing with super glue, you can use clear varnish for a smooth finish. Use a scalpel to cut through the very edge of the thread and through the liner tube and it's ready to fish.

Tying A Sand Eel - Image 11

Tight lines