Patrik Bjurenstål
I’ve been flyfishing for somewhat 25 years and still learning. There is that saying that ”the tug is the drug”, and that is really something that I can relate to, I’m always after that tug, as often as I possibly can.
Tomas Kolesinskas
I am very proud to have shared our knowledge and skills in fly fishing and fly dressing with fishermen, for more than 25 years; from teaching the basics of fly fishing, fly casting, and techniques, to advance angling concepts and fly dressing. I dress the original custom flies, which have distinctive fly fishing traditions.
Peter Ohlsson
When I was twelve years old, on the first day of the summer holliday, I broke my ankle in a football match. My parents knew that me not being able to fish for the whole summer would be a menace. So they bought me a beginners fly tying kit.
Carl-Anton Bengtsson
Fly Tying is my treatment against the long winter and also something i enjoy very much. I'm constantly searching for new places to swing my rod so that i one day might have the answer to the question "why won't it take my fly?"
Mauro Ochoa
In the Patagonian off season, I travel to Norway in the search for Atlantic salmon where I spend two months on the Orkla river, a destination I’ve been fishing and guiding on since 2012. So as you can tell, I’m never without waders!
Paul Amundsen
I grew up on the westcoast of Norway, mainly fishing small and middle sized rivers for salmon and seatrout with a single hander. Nowadays I live up north with river Målselva as my closest neighbor. At the moment big rivers, fishing with a double handed rod and heavy sinking lines, are my main interest.
Aleksi Klytseroff
My name is Aleksi Klytseroff and I live and breathe fly fishing.  I live in Northern Finland, by the Oulu river which was very productive salmon river 70 years ago before the dams.
Jussi Jurvelin
I mainly fish rivers in Sweden and Norway, but I like to go bit further when ever there`s a possibility. Scottish, Canadian and Russian rivers are still on my bucket list. I also have to mention smaller Salmon rivers in Finnmark to be my most preferred kind of fishing, but certain kind of brutality in Baltic salmon fishing have got my attention past years.
Martin Johansson
I grew up just a couple of fly casts from Sävarån, and bought my first fly rod at the age of 11. In addition to fishing in my home waters, I fish every year in Norway,  most often in Namsen or Stabburselva.
Henrik Botnevik

My name is Henrik Botnevik and I am a flytyingjunkie.

I’ve been fly fishing and tying flies for nearly 14 years, I chase sea run brown trout in the fjords of Western Norway all year. In the summer however, I focus on salmon fishing. 

Gyrd-Ørjan Hanssen Sture
I fish for salmon mainly in Norway. And I'm lucky enough to work close to two salmon rivers which I devote much of my after work hours during the season. This season I will spend over 6 weeks in various salmon rivers and I’m looking forward to fish some new rivers and some I’ve visited before with friends. What I love about salmonfishing is cracking the code. I think salmon fishing is quite unique with it’s variation of methods and fishing strategies. Every river has it’s small tricks and colour combinations that when put togheter and presented the right way, will get you that thrilling sensation when your line starts going off your reel and into the stream.
Miika Viitasalo
I try to spend time as much as I can on salmon rivers during the summers but due to the nature of work I do, quite of long distances to the salmon rivers and marital obligations are the reasons it’s not always possible. Before and after salmon fishing season you’ll probably find me at local archipelago chasing for sea run brownies.