Rambler Tumbler Magslider Lid 20oz

Rambler Tumbler Magslider Lid 20oz

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Keep splashes at bay and debris out with the Rambler® MagSlider™ Lid - individually sized for YETI Mugs, Tumblers, Lowballs, and Stackable Pints. For each size, the smooth magnet offers a reliable sliding mechanism. Plus, the magnet is simple to remove for an easier, more thorough cleaning, so it can stay in its prime and far outlast any other slider lids out there. This dishwasher-safe lid also adds a barrier of protection to keep coffee, water, wine, shandies - any drink you're craving - contained while helping prevent heat or cold from escaping.

- This product fits with 10oz Lowball, 10oz Mug, 24oz Mug, 16oz pint and 20oz Tumbler only.

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